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50 BMG Rifles


# 50 Caliber Sites



50 Caliber Vault

Welcome to 50 Caliber Vault!


50 Caliber Vault is full of dealers who specialize in 50 caliber firearms and 50 caliber accessories.  If you know of any 50 caliber sites we haven't listed, be sure to let us know.


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Recently Added 50 Caliber Sites

Randy's Custom Rifles

50 caliber bolt action rifles.


Zel Custom Manufacturing

50BMG conversion kits, 50BMG accessories.


Accuracy International

Manufacturer of 50 caliber sniper rifles.


Serbu Firearms

Makers of .50 BMG rifles.


SSK Industries

50 caliber rifles, 50 caliber ammunition.



50 caliber rifles.


LAR Manufacturing

50 BMG rifles.


Barrett Rifles

50 BMG Rifles, 50 BMG ammunition.


Magnum Research

Makers of the Desert Eagle 50 caliber pistol.


Concept Development

Containment systems for all calibers up to 50 BMG.


CTK Precision

Armalite AR50 carrying handles, gun vises, foregrips..

50 Caliber Vault Supporters

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